Brooks Boutique is Open for Business

Brooks Boutique
Brooks Boutique offers adorable clothes for your precious little ones.

Introducing my newest business venture — Brooks Boutique!

How can it already be September? Summer came and went in such a blur. My husband is a teacher, so not only are my kids home for the summer, but Todd is too. Having everyone home means summer is full of fun and family time, but for a work at home mom, it can make it difficult to focus and get a lot of work done with all the activity and noise in the house.

So, with a little sadness, I sent them all back, and now it is time for me to get back in the swing of things and get my businesses running smoothly again. I do still have my 11 month old home with me, so I will use her as the excuse as to why it is already well into September, and I have not got the smoothness going yet. I have launched a new business to go along with my current entrepreneurial pursuits. Having three little girls now, and loving to dress them up in cute little outfits, the next obvious business to go into was to sell children’s boutique clothes.

I can offer good prices to my customers, as well as save money for my own three little ones. There are so many cute clothes that I am planning to offer for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make sure you go “like” the Facebook page “Brooks Boutique” so you don’t miss out. Right now, I am only taking pre-orders. I will post the outfits available and take orders, as well as payments, for 1-2 weeks. I will then order them and they will arrive within 2 weeks. I am excited to team up with a friend and offer monogram and appliques on any outfit as well.
So, be sure to visit “Brooks Boutique” on Facebook and check out all of the latest styles for your precious little girls.

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