Count Your Blessings

Count Your BlessingsHow is it that we are the ones who are supposed to be teaching our kids things every day, yet they can teach us more in one little gesture than we can in a lifetime?

Like most moms, my mornings are crazy. The two teenagers have to be woke up more than once. I go up to their room and wake them, they swear they are awake and start to stir, but it always takes one or more trips upstairs again to actually get them awake enough to start getting ready.

My five and seven year old girls are easy to wake. One time does it for them, and they get right up, but then there is hair to do and lotion, and usually arguments over what shoes they get to wear. Is it PE day? PE day means tennis shoes, or can they wear whatever they want to (which usually is boots, no matter if it is going to be 75 degrees or not). Then there is the baby who has to have a diaper change, and milk in her tummy. Book bags, which should have been packed the night before, have to be checked and daily medicines have to be laid out. It gets crazy! I get frazzled a lot, especially when we are running late.

This morning was no exception. I was irritable with everyone because no one was moving fast enough for me. I was thinking about all that had to be done today and anxious to get the kids off to school to get to my lists. My 16 year old had me awake since 5:30 with another of his migraines and I was worried about him…And then, it happened. Aaron, my 17 year old, stopped me dead in my tracks and just pulled me into one of his big bear hugs. I am reminded in that instance how fast these times are fleeting. I will not have all these precious ones in my home to get out the door for school long.

My oldest has already moved out, and the rest will too in the blink of an eye. I started to cry and apologized to everyone for my impatience and grumpiness. Many people would love to be parents and have these mornings. There are parents who have lost their children and would give anything to have these crazy mornings with them again. Lesson learned…count your blessings even in the craziness.

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