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Pinterest for business
Are you aware you should be using Pinterest for your business?
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Have you considered using Pinterest for business?

If you are new to social media marketing, you may think that Facebook and Twitter are the only two places a business minded person should be posting their content. You would be wrong. While Twitter and Facebook provide a great place to share your content, there are other social networks that can help boost your page views and your sales—one such site is Pinterest.

While some people labeled this social media site as a passing fad, Pinterest has proven to be the fastest growing social media website on the Internet. If you are looking for ideas, Pinterest is the place to explore.

More and more people are choosing to market their products and services on this website, and a quick look at the info-graphic I have added below will show you why.

One little neat fact that isn’t listed there? Pinterest users love bloggers. If they find useful and interesting content on your website, you had better believe they will pin it for later use. This means you should be using Pinterest for business and that it is up to you to provide your viewers with information they will want to pin.

Ask yourself the following questions?

Is this information useful to only me or to others?
Will people want to pin my content for future use?
Are my images worth pinning? Do they tell a story?

If you aren’t utilizing Pinterest as a way to share your content, market your services or products or as a branding method, what are you waiting for? 

Take a look at how using Pinterest for business social media can help you.

Why Pinterest is good for business

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  1. Hi Stacy,

    Nice post about Pinterest. I think there are different ways to effectively use the different social media avenues as the tolerances on different social media sites can tend to differ.

    Great Post,


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